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Ƶ/FMI Risk Management Reports

Ƶ of America and FMI Corporation collaborate on an annual survey of the insurable and other business risks that Ƶ members consider significant and the various ways that Ƶ members are managing these risks. Each year’s results are presented and further analyzed in a final report. Click on the images below to view and download this informative series on the risk environment in the construction industry.

2023 Ƶ/FMI Risk Survey: Top Risks Today and Tomorrow; A Brewing Storm; Risk Mitigation Strategies (presented January 2023, based on December 2022 data)

2022 Ƶ/FMI Industry Survey and Report – Top Risks Today (presented January 2022, based on December 2021 data)

Ƶ/FMI Whitepaper - Building Amid Uncertainty: How Risk Management Became Everyone's Job(May 2022)

2021 Ƶ/FMI Industry Survey and PowerPoint – Construction Risk Outlook(presented January 2021, based on December 2020 data)

2020 Ƶ/FMI Industry Survey and PowerPoint – Risk Study(presented January 2020, based on October 2019 data)

2019 Ƶ/FMI Industry Survey and Report – Update on the Evolving E&C Risk Environment(data collected at end 2018)

ENR Magazine Cover Story:Inside Jobs: Contractors Increase Use of In-House Design to Better Manage Project Demands, by Jim Parsons(April 1/8, 2019 issue)

2018 Ƶ/FMI Industry Survey and Report – Managing Risk in the Digital Age(data collected at end 2017)

2016 Ƶ/FMI Industry Survey and Report – Managing and Mitigating Risk in Today’s Construction Environment(data collected 2016)